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 o Chat uses in the role play.

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PostSubject: o Chat uses in the role play.   Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:55 pm

C H A T - U S E S

Chat Use:
When you are posting please keep in mind which chat you will be using. If you are unsure, please ask one of the staff members or a faithful person. We would like to keep rp running smooth and easy without confusing others or making others bored while they wait to post. Please read down below for more information on when to use each type of chat.

General Chat:
General chat is used when a person has went out of bounds of the local territory, Which means, the role play automatically switches from local to general.

Local Chat:
This type of chat should be used for clan members mostly but do have other cases in which it can be used. Local Chat should be used when two or more people are in a Local Chat range and or only want people nearby by to see their posts.

Whisper Chat:
This type of chat should rarely be used but can be used in some cases. If you do not want to post in local to one person alone, you may transfer it to Whisper so only one other person can see your post. Sexually oriented rp is only allowed for the purpose of 'mating', if any members of staff get any complains for random sexual oriented comments, you will be banned from the role play! We are mature, not perverts.

Party Chat:
This type of chat should be used if you do NOT need or want to use Local Chat and want to rp with one or more people in Local Range. It is suggested to be used for small hunting parties that do not want to post in local.

Group Chat:
This type of chat should and only should be used for Out of Character. (OOC)
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o Chat uses in the role play.
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