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 o Characters of the role play.

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Delvin Mallory

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PostSubject: o Characters of the role play.   Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:02 pm


I. The role play allows many species ranging from real creatures, half breeds and made up ones. You can have your character any species you want and this includes mix breeds from reality and fantasy.

II. Any item is allowed to go to on your character: Guns, swords, colourful wings etc. But if you have chosen to use guns or swords as your item do not god mod them, nurf them down a bit. They can not be some all mighty weaponry that can destroy the earth by touching a single particle on the surface of the planet.

III. Colours of characters. Go nuts with colours, be a pink fluffy unicorn for all we care just please, if you are using neon colours do NOT go over board, a slight touch here and there is fine but if you turn up looking like you fell into radio active toxic waste then no. Just. No.

IV. If some one has made a made-up species and you would like to be in that race with them please ask the owner of the species first. This will stop any confusion and anger in case the person wants that certain species his/hers only.

--. To add to this: Please none of that sad "last of their race" thing, it is a common thing yes but it is really depressing when people over play it.

V. Powers are also allowed but please do not over do your powers. The only three I do have an issue with are:

- Resurrection
- Mind control
- Teleportation

If you want either of them please keep them to a limit, as well as any other powers your characters might possess.
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o Characters of the role play.
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