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 o House Benelex

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Delvin Mallory

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PostSubject: o House Benelex   Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:18 pm


-. Organization: House Benelex
-. Administrator: ~Open~
-. Size:
-. Contract specializations: Kidnapping, assassinations, retrievals, spying and hunting
-. Influence: Moderate

-. Orders tag: B

-. About:
Founded by a former leader called Corvastan Benelex, House Benelex exists as a corporate offspring of the Drakorian Defense Conglomerate (DDC), manufacturers of special weapons and amulets.

House Benelex formed after Corvastan Benelex rescured the son of DDC from the House Mantis. During which lead to their rivalry with the House Mantis. When Corvastan started out the House of Benelex he intended to keep it a peaceful group, but with the war with the House of Mantis he began to train his warriors in the arts of the sinners. Kidnappings, assassinations and spying became a normal part of the creatures lives who ran with Corvastan.

At the end of the war with House Mantis, Corvastan lost his life at the claws of the creature Acculartis. But Benelex still went on, they formed an alliance with House Mantis not long after Corvastan's death to keep the peace, but behind the multiple peace treaties they had signed with the other eight factions, this dark group still went on with their intentions. Kidnapping and assassinating. Truly a gruesome group.
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o House Benelex
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